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This is very much still a Wes Anderson film, though opened up slightly due to the nature of adapting rather than writing a story original for screen. Not having read the source material I will say this- Schwartzman is playing Max Fischer again, as a young fox, and Clooney was clearly cast based on his portrayal of fast talking conmen, as in “O Brother Where Art Though?”. The off-kilter familial dynamics of Anderson’s previous work is still present, though the study of the nature of animals must have come from Dahl. Anderson’s blunt way of slipping this into the otherwise sly, worldly nature of the film’s characters is all his own, and a refreshing change up in what was rapidly becoming a stale formula to his filmmaking. It’s still a shame that Anderson hasn’t seemed to know what to do with Bill Murray since writing him the role that has been the template of his career since “Rushmore.” The animation is lush and expressive, though pointedly jerky in places, reminiscent of the best of Rankin-Bass stop motion productions. The movie is also very funny, sometimes in a dry, verbal manner, and at others in a much more slapstick, cartoon way. Mr. Fox is another of a crop of films this year that, though kid friendly on the surface, are very much made with adult viewers in mind. 4 1/2 stars


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