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Having not seen it in such a long time I went into The Muppet Movie with a pretty fresh perspective. I guess I recalled it as being cute and silly as a child but definitely remember it being funny and charming. What I had forgotten or been too young to realize is just how clever, sly and mature it actually is. The fourth wall is broken constantly, either by characters speaking directly to the audience (before Zack Morris made it cool) or by actually reading the movie script to catch up on the plot or jump ahead of it. It’s done in a way that encompasses the audience into the jokes, which is a lot of the charm of the film- you’re always a part of it with the Muppets. They invite you along for the ride as they travel to Hollywood to become rich and famous. Their celebrity encounters are well done, a testament to the film’s ability and willingness to entertain both adults and children. You get a range from Richard Pryor to Edgar Bergen (to whom the film is dedicated). That’s pretty broad. It was also rarity to sit in a theater full of those seeking the same experience, hearing which moments made everyone laugh, and have it be part of the experience. The songs are catchy to the point of recalling them 30 years after the movie’s premiere. I liked watching the filmmakers take advantage of the range of motion made available with the film’s scale and budget, such as the dance number in the El Sleezo Café, and the final song in the studio is fantastic, encompassing what looked like ALL the Henson characters from the Muppet Show and Sesame Street. That might be the single best part of The Muppet Movie, absolutely everyone is invited. Even Ol’ Doc Hopper if he’ll just look in his heart and see he’s not a bad man. Still great, still 5 stars


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