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LatT is a very uneven set of performances. Some (Zach and “Seth” Galifianakis, Oswalt, Posehn, Bamford, Benson, Murphy) do a lot with their short set times. Several of the lesser knowns still manage to stand out on this disc. Jasper Redd seems every out of place during his set. Others (Andy Kindler, Blaine Capac) just don’t even seem to try being funny very hard. Kindler’s endless, ridiculously trying-too-hard introduction of the comedian following him also set a precedent of these intros that should have been edited out. These were indicative of the self-indulgence present at this show, which came out most heavily in Sarah Silverman’s not-that-funny song and the worst bit of the disc, David Cross and Jon Benjamin’s never ending where-did-you-go video/performance bit. Even the premise is labored but it goes on way past the audience tolerance. So, the show is worth a rental but definitely flawed. 3 1/2 stars for enough good bits to get past the muck.


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