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There are some OK ideas at the core of Ghost Town about love, forgiveness and letting go of the past but they are quickly buried in the romantic comedy formula. The ghost characters are mostly annoying comic filler with little if any time for onscreen development and Kinnear’s character is a one note bland jerk. The most unlikeable character is the selfless human rights attorney, which should say something about the rest of them. Leoni is just sort of there in her role as the wife/love interest/woman to be saved. Gervais fumbles terribly with the material, attempting to pad out the worst of it with his trademark awkwardness but stumbling over some other writer’s words and not his own for a change. He’s game and does well in the role but he needed better material. The film is also padded out with poorly photographed shots of New York that mean absolutely nothing in the context of their usage. This is a middling film at best and will be as quickly forgotten as it disappeared from theaters. 2 1/2 stars


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