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In the Loop presents a world of politics where morals only are for the weak and convictions only hold you back in your career aspirations. No one save the truly vicious walk away unscathed at the end of the film, and even they have to dig deep to make their marks among their peers. At heart, I found this film to be akin to a classic screwball comedy. The key players drop the ball at every turn and are only saved my 11th hour deviousness or lose out to it when they don’t see it coming. The film’s satire is biting, brilliant and scathingly hilarious. One of the funnies films I have seen in a long time, both the script and acting are top notch. Stand outs were James Gandolfini as a general who wants peace (watch for the scene in a child’s bedroom alone), David Rasche as a warhawk who will listen to no reason why war cannot be achieved and Peter Capaldi as the “PM’s Karl Rove” who prods war along behind the scenes. 5 stars, recommended for Christopher Guest fans, and lovers of classic screwball comedy.


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