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Mystery Team follows the story of three 17 years old kids clinging to the prime of their lives: the brief moments of glory they had as seven year old whiz kid detectives. Now, though, they are laughingstocks of their town, shunned by their peers, ignored by the police and looked at as beyond hope by at least one set of their parents. And rightfully so, as they spend all of their time catching grade school kids whom are most emotionally, socially and sexually mature than any of the MT members. Then they are hired to solve a murder and leap at the chance to prove themselves. From here the plot is set on idiot mode, like a horror movie, in that any scenario they wind up in could have been easily prevented by going to the police. However, not involving the police does fit with their main goal (and some secondary points that the film winds up in), so it is forgivable for at least making sense. The movie excels in two points: first, gross out gags. A few of these made ill, yet were still funny. Second was making the boys believably gullible but still in the right frame of mind for their ages. By holding so tightly to what once made them special they are able to shut out the real world. So, they are able to carry on in their roles with the belief that solving the right mysteries will lead them back to their former success. The movie really only falters in occasionally taking too long to hit its obvious beats. The ending isn’t hard to see coming, certainly, but the plot is pretty secondary to the jokes of Derrick Comedy. A number of cameos round out the cast, some from 30 Rock, and especially good is UCB’s Matt Walsh. Ellie Kemper (The Office’s Kelly and Derrick’s BJ Girl) just fills space in her role. Mystery Team manages to rise above its roots and hold its story together, quite a feat for a feature born of sketch comedy. If you appreciate any of those roots, though (Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, UCB, etc.) you should also appreciate Mystery Team. 3 1-2 stars, leaning to 4


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