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This had the cheap look and feel of most things made for the USA channel. Following a faux reality series, the movie is shot in first person, with a cameraman along with each of the contenders. Series 7 consists of a number of people chosen seemingly at random who are then armed and sent out to kill one another. The last one standing wins the cash prize. There is some attempt to give personality to a few of the Contenders; the lead is the champ who is now VERY pregnant and trying to finish this series of the game before her baby comes. Another is a teenager whose screeching stage parents accompany her on each hunt. Others come and go and there are some clever ideas in the film, most of which are where the producers fix reality to ensure maximum drama. I found the rules of the game poorly explained. I could not tell why so many of these people were involved and whether or not they could refuse to play a game of death. The consequences weren’t apparent to me. They weren’t condemned criminals sentenced. The high school girl, though, made it seem involuntary. The twists the show puts before its contestants were pretty well thought out on the film’s part. The look back on the high school sweethearts was complicated, believable and included a hilarious high school video art project. A pre-fame Will Arnett turns up as a sort of Monty Hall/hostage negotiator of the Contenders. He by far outclasses the rest of the cast in his cameo, which is only to be expected. The feel of this being a series that the viewer came in on late made it hard to invest much in watching this movie. I always felt one or two episodes behind the fake series and the material presented really gave me no desire to catch up. Perhaps if this had been done as a miniseries it would have had a better shot, or if it looked like more than the price of prop guns had gone into it. So I can’t really recommend Series 7 for those reasons. It was probably a more interesting premise when reality TV dominated. 2 stars


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