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Gervais is always funny, of course, and the script starts off really well with a concept loaded for insight, laughs and a huge payoff…which never comes. The performances are on par at best for most of the film. Talent like Tina Fey and Louis CK are never used to the best of their potential, while Jennifer Garner and Rob Lowe eat up a lot of space being pretty and vacuous. This, in the end, is the problem with the trite ending of the film, as well. Rather than attempt to make an honest difference in the world when he is given the ability to do so, Gervais’ character simply uses this to get what he wants from it. And the movies expects the audience to root for him in this shallow, low-reaching underdog role, which his decisions never warrant. Decent but could have been so, so much more than cheap Christ imagery gags and the ending of every Happy Madison film. 2 1/2 stars


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