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Visioneers feels like the beginning of a great movie that was never quite realized. It has a great premise, a remarkable cast and enough little odd bits to keep your guessing how they will all come together. The problem is that they never truly do. There was never a great breakthrough moment for Zach Galifianakis’ George Washington Winsterhammerman. Judy Greer is largely wasted as his wife, who wastes her time following Oprah-like trends, looking for happiness in each one. His love interest feels tacked on and falls flat. The story of his brother’s hippy colony just fizzles out without much resolve, though there were seeds sown for something much bigger. The movie also was not intended to end happily for Winsterhammerman, but fails to provide that resolve. Instead it just sort of meanders off to an unsatisfactory close. Visioneers ends with a whimper where a bang was needed. Still, Galifianakis is great in the role, acting largely without words. He probably says fifty words in the course of the film. The sets are terrifically depressing and there are a number of perfect little touches to flesh out their world, like the endless Tupperware and the product testings (his solar system hat in particular was fantastic). So, while the film could have been great, it was still very good. 3 ½ stars, leaning to four for Galifianakis’ performance.


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