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Repo! was far more enjoyable than I had hoped it would be. While most of the songs are average and most of the singers below average I still enjoyed the presentation of the dialogue, which was campy and over the top but mostly funny. I admired the director’s use of cost-cutting animation to do a lot of the grunt work in the story telling, particularly giving the Repo Man’s gruesome job a bit of breathing room rather than piling on more blood and guts than were necessary.

The cast was more than admirable in their respective roles. As not much of a musical fan I was unfamiliar with many of their talents, such as Anthony Head and especially Paul Sorvino. Who knew he had those kind of chops? Paris Hilton was cast as a parody of herself again, and it was serviceable enough but I’ve seen it before, and her musical bit left a lot to be desired. Sarah Brightman’s freakish eyes added a lot to her performance, which was quite good all on its own.

The film has its problems also, though. The narrator character opens and closes the film, which would be fine except that he is inexplicably thrown into the middle as well for a pointless segment about drug trade that doesn’t really affect the story. He needed to be given either a real role inside the main story or a completely outsider presence of omniscience. Instead he gets no real commitment to either role. And ***SPOILER ALERT!*** the audience is robbed of the proper disposal of the horrible Largo family by the Repo Man in the end due to what appears to be the clumsy opening to a sequel, which this kind of film does not well support. All of the best and only interesting characters have been killed by the end of the film, leaving the dregs behind to carry on, which was disappointing to say the least. 3 stars


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