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The Mighty Boosh flawlessly blends music, comedy and cartoonish surrealism. The world of Howard Moon and Vince Noir is stocked with the most outrageous characters, both threatening and helpful. What makes the series work is the commitment to character that writers and stars Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt present. No matter the situation, Howard remains the blowhard man of action, much more convinced of his own manliness and abilities than he even proves, and Vince remains the fleeting fashion obsessed boy-man, so often confused for Howard’s wife.

The third series features much more of the Super Magic Men, a collection of shaman with great powers that they use mostly for taking drugs and hiding from their wives. Their inclusion helps the series twofold. First, they are able to take the absurdity of the situations even further with the addition of these alien and powerful men, made all the more ridiculous by their crippling addiction, petty infighting and snappy jabs at one another.

Some absolute brilliant absurdist comedy, along with some very clever and surprisingly good music, makes this the kind of show you can watch over and over. 5 stars


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