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With any modern vampire story you have to accept a certain amount of winking at the old chestnuts, and this one was no different. It was no better or worse than many others. What set it apart was the political atmosphere in the background, driven by a new unholy terror for the conservatives to rally against. Rather than explore this deeper, however, the characters veered dangerously close to parody and more and more supernatural elements were revealed and hinted at later.

The cast varies between excellent and able but rarely less than. Paquin handles the Sookie Stackhouse character wonderfully. Moyer was sometimes great and sometimes silly but I put most of that up to the uneven writing of his character. They attempt to balance him upon a very fine line and I found it had varying results. Any show that regular employs William Sanderson can’t be all bad, though.

The plot takes a lot of twists that don’t seem to add anything to the overall story being told. Perhaps I need to see another series of this show before I can decide, but characters like the one played the underrated Lizzy Caplan, and in the same story arc Stephen Root, started off fantastically only to amount to seemingly nothing. Then there was the series long murder storyline. The reveal of the actual murderer in the show seemed to be the only character they had not written any long term stories about, forced and out of left field. And with the most interesting character seemingly dead at the finale I don’t know if there’s a reason to continue watching or not. 3 stars


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