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Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening is a hilarious stand up special. Aziz kills on multiple bits from bed sheet thread counts to the inanities of facebook pages. He gets an inordinate amount of mileage out of his cousin, Harris, and his reactions to simple posts on a study group page. Aziz maintains a high energy show from start to finish, too, running, leaping, singing and dancing, just generally rarely standing still. He has great timing and storytelling ability, too, and can make any topic interesting.

Aziz is still great in the lesser moments of the special, too, which revolve around celebrity stories with Kanye West and LL Cool J’s workout tape. These parts are very funny, I just feel like they don’t connect on the same level as the jokes that are more universal. They’re good stories, I just don’t particularly care what Kanye West does at home.

Aziz finishes his main set with an introduction to his character from the movie Funny People. If you’re unfamiliar, the comedian Randy is terrible on every level, 100 times more showman and braggart than comic. But Aziz sets this up perfectly with smoke machines, a loud, loud shirt, his name in lights and his personal DJ, DJ Old Youngin’. These details sum up the character, I think. He’s never actually funny but the sheer spectacle of Randy needs to be seen.

For what it’s worth I actually enjoyed Aziz’s set from the tiny stage of the Los Angeles Upright Citizen’s Brigade theater as much if not more than the main set. This is the DVD’s only special feature but is worth buying it just to get this. It’s a much more intimate, relaxed atmosphere where Aziz is free to banter with and make jokes at the expense of audience members. However you watch it, though, it’s great comedy from a terrific performer. 4 stars


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  1. Great review of a great comedy special.

    Check out my review at my blog

    We could exchange links as well if you want.

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