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If you’ve seen a single show from Kathy Griffin, you’ve pretty much seen The Bitch Will Cut You. She blabs about her obsessions with celebrities (mostly Cher in this instance) and namedrops ad nauseam (Cher again) and spends the usual time sucking up to her fallback audience, “her gays,” as she says. But, for whatever reason, I still find her funny. Maybe it’s her manic energy and her never ending chatter that’s so endearing, the way she has far more words than each sentence could possibly bear. Maybe it’s her willingness to literally get down in the dirt for a joke, such as her Grammy appearance. Or maybe it’s that she’s just a really good storyteller, an art that I very much appreciate. And some of that, and most of what makes her celebrity stories a) funny and b) bearable at all, is her willingness to be the butt of her own jokes. There’s something of the crazy-fan-turned-loose-in-Hollywood in most of her bits, and the good part of that is that she clearly knows that this part of her personality drives the comedy. You have to admire someone who can be that honest about their own obsessions and their own willful subjection of themselves to that potential humiliation to follow them (and make a living talking about them). While I think that her obsessions are largely with meaningless bullshit, and she would likely feel the same toward mine, I do appreciate the fact that there is a genuine love beneath her comedy and a need to share these stories with likeminded audiences. No matter what the subject, a good story is a good story, and Griffin has plenty of them. 3 stars


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