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While I don’t truly see the point of retconning Iron Man Adventures to show Tony Stark as a teen genius at his father’s company rather than a grown genius at his own company, the series did make it less of a groaner than I expected. Tony still invents the Iron Man armor, still needs it to keep his heart alive and still has the usual suspects both assisting and opposing him. Taking some of the comic and some influence from the films, as lesser powered media are likely to do, the story results are fairly seamless. Tony opposes Stane’s takeover of Stark Enterprises as a weapons manufacturer (movie influence). This leads to the ongoing background conflict, punctuating the main stories featuring old standbys like Mr. Fix and a well done update of the Crimson Dynamo.

The voice work is fair but never great. It rarely detracts from the show at least, save the gravelly goofball growling of Whiplash. Anna Cummer is very good at Pepper Pott’s mile-a-minute prattling, though.

Where Iron Man Adventures fails utterly is in the animation department. The show looks horrendous. Everything looks like cheap Flash animation and the coloring is just hard to look at most of the time. The show looks slapdash and cheap, like it wasn’t worth the effort of animating it properly and it drags the whole production down to being nearly unwatchable. 2 stars


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