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As a horror-comedy, I Sell the Dead delivers what it needs to. I expected a more coherent, linear, and straightforward horror tale but what I got actually exceeded my expectations. With stars like Dominic Monaghan and Ron Perlman it can be hard to tell what line of comedy and drama the film walks by just their casting. Each holds his part admirably, though, along with Larry Fessenden and the supporting cast.

Without spoiling too much (I hope), the story is broken out into three vignettes held together by the confession of convicted grave robber Monaghan to priest Perlman. The story covers the meeting of Monaghan and Fessenden through their final job together, culminating in Monaghan’s capture and sentence to hang. That only serves as framework, though, to hold together the three tales, in a style used from the original Tales from the Crypt to Creepshow, and even junk like Monster Club. God, how I hate Monster Club.

What makes I Sell the Dead unique is the mixture of styles in genre, particularly the second tale, one I never would have seen coming. Again, trying not to spoil it, but you can see a couple of them coming, and the third one is the best as it closes out the center of the story. The final act twist is fairly easy to see coming but no less enjoyable for the early foreshadowing. If you like the horror anthologies I mentioned earlier, I think you will find much to like in I Sell the Dead, too. 3 ½ stars


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