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Baghead represents a number of the things that turn me off personally about indie films. In an effort to cast people in a real light, the movie focuses on four boring and generally unlikable characters. Four down and out actors see another indie filmmaker’s lousy movie get some attention and decide to do the same thing, sequestering themselves away in the cabin of some acquaintance to write their breakthrough hit. Once in the cabin, though, like most people, they only ever drink, bat around vague ideas and try to hook up with someone who rejects them outright or would rather be with one of the others. This moves very slowly for about 50 minutes or so. The titular “Baghead” is a joke they play on each other throughout the film, a creepy figure with literally a bag on his head and the subject of the movie they try writing, until he finally shows up and threatens to turn the film into a slasher cliché. The big twist ending is so groan-inducing as to make me wish that it had turned into a slasher cliché. At least the film wouldn’t be bogged down in its own false cleverness. I really looked forward to seeing this film based on a trailer that made it appear far funnier than it really is last year, but it was a major disappointment. Baghead is never really funny, never really scary and never really dramatic. I just could never care about these four dull bastards at all. 1 ½ stars


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  1. ouch.

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