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It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve updated but I haven’t abandoned this site or watching and yammering on about movies, TV and general nonsense. I have been busy, though, with side projects and not wanting to give away everything up front. Firstly, the book is coming along at a great pace, so that’s been first among my attentions. I plan to be done by the end of October so I can begin the next book in time for National Novel Writing Month. Yes, two books in 2010 is my hope. Secondly, I’ve been scouring Netflix for an upcoming project: Schlock Treatment  ( )! I am working on this with Marc McDonald ( and Kirk Howle ( Our first podcast has been recorded and will come out in just a couple more weeks. The learning process on the audio was unkind to us in the initial recording and needs some work, but we feel like it will be really fun to listen to. If you’re reading this and want to follow along when we release it, the movie is She, starring Sandhal Bergman and is available on Netflix. In the meantime I’ll be back with a couple of reviews shortly that fell short of my schlock search but need to be talked about just the same.


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